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The Problem

With such a rich heritage of diverse cultural backgrounds, Trinidad and Tobago is a country that embodies many communities but unfortunately fosters little integration. In some respect the country has become smaller than it really is as people's social life is radius of their realm of existence.

The problem is that our society is actually more fragmented than it is diverse. There are 3 basic human needs...

Food - To eat and consume

Shelter - Somewhere to call home

Clothing - To wear

However, life has taught us that there is and has always been a fourth, the need for deep personal CONNECTIONS!

Introducing a New Concept: Social Capital

Social Capital provides an avenue for to solve this problem by creating a personalized experience in an environment that is classy, upscale but most of all fun. People don't have to wait of for the weekend to enjoy themselves. Our goal is to ensure there is a right mix people and create a dynamic atmosphere of food drinks and festivities.

It's safe, inclusive for patrons to engage, mingle and feel comfortable. It's not a party, it's an experience. We invest in and create unforgettable authentic experiences to help people connect.

What We Bring

The aim is to deliver personalized experiences through carefully curated business and social relationships. We value quality over quantity. A midweek vibe to help you relax, revive and most of all connect. It's a social hub for like-minded people who share similar ideals.

Social Capital are not promoters.... we are problem solvers

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